Instaprep Table
Instaprep Table
Instaprep Table
Instaprep Table

Bar InstaPrep Table
  • 27.25" (69.21cm) by 19.25" (48.89cm) adds 20% more work space to a standard 6' by 30" prep table
  • Fits 32 or 44 gal. round, or 17 or 23 gal. rectangular waste bins as well as most bus tubs
  • 8" (20.5cm) clearance between receptacle and work surface complies with International Health Department Standards
  • Made of durable injected polypropylene plastic certified to 212ยบ Fahrenheit.
  • Folds up for easy storage and cleaning.

  • The InstaPrep table is certified by NSF International, the world leader in setting Public Health Standards.
  • Durable and commercial dishwasher safe.
  • Reduces the risk of accidents and loss of expensive prepped product.
  • Handy cutout hole for holding mixing bowls or eliminating waste.
  • Great for catering, very versatile, you will never stop finding new uses for your InstaPrep Table.


Phil and Steve, The Restaurant Guys know all too well how precious a commodity space is in the kitchen. Having owned and operated restaurants throughout the country (Aspen, Chicago, Encinitas, Minneapolis, St Paul and Solana Beach) for over 30 years, The Restaurant Guys have seen it all when it comes to the kitchen staff trying to accommodate working in tight places. Seeing space as a basic kitchen need, Phil invented the InstaPrep Table, a secure, sanitary prep table that creates additional workspace in any kitchen. Steve, Phil's partner, seeing the value in the InstaPrep Table, joined Phil in taking the InstaPrep table from concept to reality-soon the InstaPrep Table was born.

Phil noted that one of the most common practices to gain space in the kitchen was to place cutting boards, bowls and sheet pans on trash receptacles. Not only was this practice potentially unsanitary it also was costly. Workers would often bump into the balanced sheet pan or cutting board, spilling valuable prepped food. Knocked over trays and cutting boards also creates other serious problems. We all are aware that spilled food can produce slippery and dangerous conditions in a busy kitchen. However, the initial concept, to create additional, portable workspaces, whenever you need it, wherever you need it made sense. So Phil designed a durable, portable, plastic table that could securely be fastened to a trash receptacle. The table's arms fold-out holding the InstaPrep Table firmly in place preventing spills and other accidents. The fold-out arms also keep the table well above the lip of the trash receptacle keeping the surface of the table sanitary and safe. It was also important to make the InstaPrep Table strong, light weight, portable and easy to clean. So Phil and Steve made the table from durable polypropylene and designed it to fit in most commercial dishwaters while still providing sufficient workspace. The InstaPrep Table was close to becoming a reality; one final touch was to cut a hole in the table's surface. The hole provides a place to secure mixing bowls as well as an easy and clean way to dispose of scraps. With the addition of the hole, the design specs checked and confirmed the first InstaPrep Table was built. The first prototype was a huge success and is still being used in Steve and Phil's restaurant in Solana Beach. Today thousands of restaurants enjoy working with more space in their kitchen thanks to the space creating InstaPrep Table.

With the InstaPrep Table you can create additional, portable workspaces, whenever you need it, wherever you need it. The Restaurant Guys guarantee it.

Custom Cutting Boards
Custom Cutting Mats
  • over 468 square inches of cutting space
  • NSF certified
  • easy to wash
  • fits snugly on all instaPrep Tables
  • 2-sided for cutting all types of food
  • over 468 square inches of cutting space
  • easy to wash
  • fits snugly on all instaPrep Tables
  • 2-sided for cutting all types of food
  • turn 180º to create a hole-less, solid table
Best Smallwares Award Finalist, Food Service Equipment Reports
"Products that most captured judges' attention were the problem-solvers that pack more functions into one package, such as the portable cutting platform from InstaPrep that attaches to the top of a kitchen trash bin, allowing prep work to be done where it's needed, and then folding out of site."
Judge's Comments
"It's a Smallwares World" by: Janice Cha

"I recently purchased two instaprep tables and two cutting boards. I am very impressed by how versitile the product is, we use them often in the resturant as well as for catering."
Mervin W. Crist, President, Prime Cut Meats and Eats, Bakersfield, CA.

"After being in this industry for 25 years, it's nice to know that i'm still capable of an occasional epiphany. At last years NRA show in Chicago ...The instaprep booth was just that..."
Alan Lake, Excessive Catering, Chef/Consultant, Cinetopia Theaters

"We are, as are most commercial kitchens, lacking prep space! I purchased the Instaprep in order to help alleviate this. It is genius! No more fighting for a corner of the counter. Now the KP and even my Mother-in-law have somewhere to prep."
Nigel Pike, Owner, Habit Restaurant, Vancouver, BC, Canada

"Thank you for the parts, Your tables have been a savior. They occupy little space, and they get the job done. I wouldn't work without them."
Jerry Gonzalez, Evelyn Hill Inc. Statue of Liberty National Monument New York

"SOP at Pacific Coast Grill in Solana Beach, CA, the door is unlocked, the lights are turned on, then the InstaPrep Table are sanitized and placed on top of the trash receptacles. One each at the dish washer, fry station, grill, and in the bar for prepping. We couldn't be without them! What a fantastic idea."
Hanis Cavin, Chef, Pacific Coast Grill

"We have a large kitchen but still use the InstaPrep Space Table. I use one at the grill, one for a portable prep station,and by the dish washer for down times. Hats off to the inventor, the InstaPrep Table is the best new product I've seen in the last 10 years."
Israel Balderas, Chef, Wild Note Cafe